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First, as an inept business major, I'm going to hazard a guess at the reason that despite the numerator of the unemployment rate, you can't get a job. Lack of skills or fit or physical strength to fill the role all play a part. And that equatorial phantom constant denominator variable is the labor participation rate or amount of people actively seeking employment. This denominator does not include those who have given up on getting a job for approximately six months or more and tried their best to suckle from the national teat like I have, even though I have all types of pre conditions, I guess that's what I get. You give up, your no longer considered a potential worker, that's it. If you can find a way back down that rabbit hole, God bless. You wanted an answer from a dodgy perspective, you got it. don't forget to lend some time to the blog on the menu to the left. However off tangent, this makes for a misleading calculation of how many Americans are working and how easy it is to get a job. No yelling fire in a crowded building, no concern about the worlds work ethic, no concern about that, in Lebanon, as least that's where I remember it being... there are pretty much no utilities, absolutely destroyed infrastructure, and the currency is so moot that they recently printed a 100,000 bill that one of their crypto dealers used to pay for a manicure.

However, speaking of the videos below, which you may care to watch bits of and return to them at your leisure, I consider at this point with the reality in which we are to adapt and survive, these liberties that these scions and word weavers speak of are incumbent to not just us, as African Americans, but the entire American diaspora... to rest in our collective, selective fantasies, even though a little tolerance and respect, whether deserved or not, is still quite welcome. These souls, lost to the ether of time... Spoke out with a verocity exclusive to the driven although to us these days these short films are more of reminder curiosities than calls to action as we stare down extinction. I've blogged about the eccentricity of NASA and Elon Musk as they presented the idea of terraforming and mass human exodus to Mars. I find it slightly unsettling that they goaded Mr. Musk, not NASA, into admitting that this would result in a prolonged, spirit sapping, exercise in futility. Whether rich or poor, beautful or plain, intelligent or not so much, we have one home and possibly one God of many who cares enough to help us preserve it. We live in strange, critical times my friend. That's one of the reasons that I feel that I must mention again ecosia, a not for profit organization that has partnered with for profit organizations, which... If they are to be believed, pro actively allow you to reduce your carbon footprint by doing nothing else then installing the proper add-on application to your browser (they cover the big three,) and surfing the web. I believe they plant a tree for you every 30-40 clicks as well as providing jobs, dignity, and the ability to care for their families for less fortunate agricultural workers. I hate to be all talk no action but this company is for real, I would imagine composed of agricultural professionals with the crucial knowledge of what trees to plant and where to plant them. I was watching youtube this morning, and in addition to the California brush fires theres been a mass die off of greenhouse gas breathing, oxygen exhaling trees in Oregon... We need help, we all need help. These trees need to be replaced ASAP. Wind mitigating, life giving flora. Your getting a glimpse of what our earth would be without them right now.

Jeremiah 10:23


Mutually Assured Destruction| Chernobyl 1986| Kennedy Assassination| The one that got away. Everyone has developed collective amnesia. With the current executive in chief doing a bang up job with the ceremonial, eye roll inducing, pen passing ritual.. spending America conclusively default when the idea, again as a substandard business major, should be to stimulate export commerce... There's no way anything I mentioned is a possibility, not at all... The fact of the matter is, given the world financial situation and America's place in it... From the capable to the inept of us, belt tightening is going to to become mandatory.

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Anyway I have been provided with an open ended, terminable at the discretion of the entity without explanation, deal... open to underdog freelancers, graphic artists, writers, whomever that thinks they possess some sort of talent that would, to any extent illuminate the world of their fellow human brothers and sisters... free of charge excluding the test samples of your creations which are provided to you at a fair discount. Strangely the cheapest cotton shirt on my store comes in 4X Big and Tall. This is not asking for any brand recognition, I'm sure Hanes offers these same shirts brand free, it's just one of those things that begs a query. I'm in Florida by the way,

That's why I hate this because you have to keep hammering and folding your damn thoughts upon themselves like a sharp metal object until they acquire elegance. I work harder on the facade of my work, the blogging itself usually follows as an afterthought.

One last thing, to you thugs and atheletes, arrogant... convinced of your superiority however you got that way... Unless in the idealist postulate of Germaine Williams, otherwise known as Canibus, If you're not raw telluric energy raptured in the turbulence of some divine's mind... begrudgingly, how do you continue to exist after having destroyed yourself. I wouldn't dare, the key phrase being "begrudgingly." without a medium to maintain it energy dissipates, remember that.

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Below is, on her onus as a successful writer describing the meta mechanic of her creative process and wearing her nuance like a beautiful garment during one of her interviews as a middle aged, well weathered, writer... her own words, not mine... being questioned and volleying back wisdom repetitively from the position of literary advance conducting an interview, old enough to be a grandmother but still sultry, one of those authors that decided to diffuse her light by deciding to grace a tome... Toni Morrison. This inspirational griot, word weaver, crystalline spider creator of indistiguishable lattices of alloyed prose and poetry. Ever classy as an obligation, not a choice.

You can say what you want about James Baldwin he also kept it one hundred or "real" as we used to say. he wasn't radical enough to get killed like Malcolm X, even though that was necessitated by the Black Muslim movement when he made hajj and saw all colors and races of individuals worshipping Allah side by side prostrated to the rising luminary in the east. If you don't believe me and feel that all Islam is a commune of deranged fanatic suicide bombers awaiting their seventy virgins when they waste their lives in a fashion that for some reason I believe no God, including Satan... approves of because your life is his to take, read his autobiography. As for Mr. Baldwin, from what I know he wasn't exactly prolific but he did put pen to paper with respectable frequency. He is famous for penning Giovanni's Room... The Fire Next Time as well as a few other works of fiction and editorial calls to action, the Monet of the civil rights movement. In addition to that he wanted to be gay and parisian before Kanye.

Ms. Morrison...what happened? what happened to the inflections, the sultry but sophisticated overtures, the aloof woman that left you fascinated and influenced on many an occasion, subjectivity aside because we all felt that way. You're probably not authoring a book under her tutelege yet you still feel off balance when you raise your hand in class, when you turn in your papers, when you struggle to get up the nerve to request a college recommendation. That dance, that rhythmic tango that she somewhat effortlessly made her language perform... That which you wanted to inhale, because learning it wasn't a possibility for you. Sublimation, catharsis, words I struggle to articulate that explain you and who you were just seem not to exist in my vernacular. watch the video. We all loved you Ms. Toni. Rest In Peace, or metaphysical enlightenment... Whichever is the truth.

Goodbye Miss Toni, Miss Walters. May Yahweh guide you and keep you. You were truly special.

Just relaxing chill out... don't worry about me...please?