“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” - Albert Camus

Before your next latte...

considered a fun delicacy in asia and silicon valley, this possibly could be your next morning go to.

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Lazy Sunday... I'm beyond words on this one

It is... what it is.

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Neverwinter nights has finally matured with us

the game that brought interactive dungeons and dragons to reality has received a major facelift as well as several dlc scenarios. the suite is available on steam, i'm not sure about gog, (good old games.) My God these fanatics, and I'm assuming the developers in an attempt to milk the vicious temperment of the market... have worked together to release a new beta on the 16th of this month. we love you beamdog and Neverwinter Vault community... we truly do,

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amazon's take on contracted delivery, and the problem with it.

We all love the extra dynamic that one day service adds to our prime, but is it ethical?

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Why 99 percent of us really wont make it. Lazy Sunday

I know we've all seen this short interview with the rubber band man himself, Jay Z and and his early career enabler Dame Dash. Irregardless of his mastermind status.,,, Just a little article about how I think they get it in, and why it's not fair.

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Are bovine emissions killing us?

Everybody has gone def con about global warming and climate control as regards carbon dioxide. However did you know that there is another frequently overlooked variable in the picture?

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An Excellent Curiosity

This keyboard has been out for over a year but I believe it maintains relevance due to it's compelling design and pleasant typing experience. You might want to check it out.

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Whatever happened to the "lady?" lazy Sunday

Whatever happened to the collective, well practiced, women of our generation and the sultry, thoroughly practiced inflections that they used as the conduit of their communication.

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A lesson in metaphysical thinking.

Every once and a while, usually when the Will Smith incident is mentioned in the news or whatever. I feel the compulsion to juxtapose these two men. No mention of Jada, I don't want to get slapped. If your still confused at this point. Metaphysics is gaming the game of life and WINNING.

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Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

Excuse me but personally I feel that the amount of money that I've spent on this client and the way its new gaming system has developed a cult following deserves a short mention. No these arent steam decks. They are switches fitted with a fairly effective ergonomic grip that makes them feel solid and more agreeable to game with for long sessions without the fear of snapping your precious investment in half. Plus if you buy the case, just in case your not about that "digital media life." It has room for 20 flash media cartridges and other assorted accessories, whether it'll scratch your screen or not is a concern. though highly doubtful. So that validates that alchemy that I mention on a constant basis.

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The beautiful coupling of comfort and style

To make a long story short. The combination of the gmmk2, which I am partial to because according to glorious it supports gmk configurator, though I wouldn' endorse it... and the feel of the holy pandas combined with the board is a glorious serendipity for the uninitiated.

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On first glance, you know what every photoshop junkie is going to be thinking. The fact of the matter is that glorious has started to fall into that reverse engineering abyss and until they get sued we love them for it. Think logitech master. However, for the demographic that glorious is aiming at this mouse is a bit light, even if the price is right... see what I did there. I'm loving it though, not as much as my rat 8+ but close.enjoy.

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Of course I know Linux!

What your looking at right here is the mumba dockable ergonomic case for the OLED Nintendo switch. Oh and just so you know, Doom and Doom eternal are available for the platform. I remember saying the mouse waits in the wings. The OLED switch is about the same price as the low tier steam deck but, given the demographic, I suspect that the safeguards to keep you from destroying your console aren't there and you cannot blame Mr. Newell for this.

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Three Card Monte in stereo

I swore that I was taking advantage of the government sanctions and the supply trade that has our economy doing backflips so I could increase the capacity of my switch lite. Why would I want to do that? If I have to explain it to you your probably too young or too cheap to understand it.

Steam Deck opposing final reviews

Its 2022 and the first steam decks are being released to the press and early adopters for scrutiny. Is it everything that we where promised?

Ecosia... fight climate change sitting on your ass

Has it ever occurred to you that the divines want us to have some part in saving ourselves. Do you hate those smooth brained asses who forgo 80,000 a year job offers and toil at majors which the civilized world would consider useless just to bask in their piety. It gets erased everytime I post it,