Before your next latte...

18 March 2023

Like I said, this is the wonderfully odd treat referred to as boba tea and for some strange reason there is an establishment that serves it relatively close to my home which I told you is pretty much the forgotten suburb of daytona. I guess the locals either want to expand their horizons or want to do anything that they can to not be referred to as goobers. Seriously, I even walked outside to a hello from a snow bunny spraying armor all on the wheels of her new ride. There's that part of the town and then there's the part of the town which is almost exclusively occupied by trailers and the local flea where people do things like keep farm animals on their property to avoid taxes. If your a dude who has to conserve his money, or want to support these people because they usually are amongst some of the hardest working people in "you name the town" America, then find yours. Anyway boba tea is basically a smooth base with a nice unobtrusive flavor to it accented with tapioca bubbles... So you get that sweet liquid as well as the tapioca bubbles to complement it fact being that they are small enough to fit through the straw. I would guess it's referred to as "boba tea" for this reason but I'm not really that much of a savant when it comes to asian culture. If you have one near your home, or don't know if you have one near your home, look it up. You just might find your every once and few mornings pick me up. That's boba or bubble tea if you didn't get it the first time.

stay frosty,