Neverwinter nights has finally matured with us

26 January 2023

I'm sure that pretty much all of us boomers. (unfortunately that's what I'm referred to as these days.) has at some point and time come across this gem of a game whether true nerd or poser. If memory serves, it was the first 3D digital dungeons and dragons campaign. If you just wanted to play the campaign you weren't being slighted in any way but the programmers wanted you to dig deep, including mechanics in the game with which you could build your own scenarios and shape the destinies of your wards as you pleased. The game was released in 2002 and was relevant enough for one of the directors of the original game to breathe new life in to it.

That was a couple of years ago and I personally would postulate that after seeing this facelift and the amount of work that Mr. Oster and his constituents have put into programming a la carte dlc for sale on steam in addition to providing you with the tools to create your own adventures within the work... At this point its kind of disrespectful to call it a game... you will agree with me that it was a relic worth polishing. And here is where I go totally wrong. If I were trying to make the wrong moves with righteous intentions to make this game one that I have been wanting to play for 20 years... Don't ask me where this gem of a programming job came but it's called CEP. You want to be looking for CEP because it's a total epic overhaul beyond being fuel for mathematicians to flex... the overhaul is absolutely epic... Beamdog forgive me if it was your doing. However the package you want to be looking for is Community Enhanced Project for Neverwinter Nights. I believe the Neverwinter Vault either has it, or points you in the right direction to get it. And trust me, you want to get it. And while your doing that get the free HD Art Pack, and I don't know which includes new community modules but you'll figure it out. (ever vigilant... My God... beamdog and the steam community have been continuously working on fixes and refinements the latest having dropped on the 16th of this month.

hello again.

... First phase... It's seventeen years later and these guys get together and remake the original release, which at that time still had a decent fanbase for a game that looked dated, had AI that played dated... cried out for more modes and so forth. Still it was a mild critical success.

Fast forward to November 2021... Depending on who you are and your standards for what you play when your behind closed doors between mastabatory sessions... These dudes give this already competent game a major facelift and provided you with a suite of D&D, pre-imagined, digital scenarios that you can, like I said before, enjoy with your friends or... please say you can do this. Find your significant weirdo other on the net while you play them.

So there it is... late, like basically everything chill I'm trying to put you on to for free. The game minus the premium content is twenty or thirty dollars on Steam and GOG, even though I find GOG to be a little shady. However, as a pleasant surprise, if you do own a legal copy of the base game, it takes a little looking, but the 4 gig facelift can be found for free... but your going to have to pony up for the new DLC packs.

stay frosty,