Ecosia... fight climate change sitting on your ass

4 July 2022

I do this everytime I make a new website. It's not much toil considering the expertise and knowledge of what goes on when this 100 percent not for profit German company exerts when they plant carbon dioxide breathing, carbon footprint reducing trees that also help to restore the habitats of forest animals in danger of extinction. If you want to take your role in this scenario further and find yourself a more interesting pet project that comes with a closer to home network... You can do that. The powers that be will swear it's a free country so march on, write wonderfully inspiring speeches, secure your place as a constantly exploding gas sphere in the night sky, but let me put you on to a novel idea which, if not a total lie... and handled by the right people to make it a movement and execute it correctly... could arguably settle a decent amount of our tab with mother nature. However the caveat is that methane is also a greenhouse gas and even flowers have standards.

Ecosia is a totally not for profit group of boots on the ground farmers and botanical scientists and I would imagine smooth business men who are into tax deductions and living. The search engine add on covers the big three... microsoft edge, firefox, and google chrome. I recommend you install it as your default search engine on all three. They are constantly improving this thing, your not going to miss much information... And viola! that's it. You're now supporting third world farmers, your helping the entire organization not just plant trees, but plant them in an informed and intelligent way. If your young and intelligent your building in yourself a desire to be where the action is. You see, the dynamic element of this absolute bare minimum... which we are. of ecosia is mouse clicks that generate income for the company... According to them every 30 clicks or so a tree is planted while at the same time supporting less fortunate families around the world with profits none of which they spend on anything but beautiful, world saving, animal housing flora and the men, who with their guidance, use generations proven scientifically more efficient, ways to even further validate their work and value as workers. Ecosia never lied. look them up... do a little research, and caste judgement... we always do.

five minutes for the movement