cure for insomnia confirmed... when I get another pair of ipods I am definitely revisiting the first selection...

the storm

This tome, written by an actual monk, and available as an e-book or an audible recording is full of metaphysical wisdom and pneumonic tricks to help you right the crooked path that Jeremiah 10:23 says that we all walk. When you need a break from the Bible and certain individuals wicked ways. When your soul needs shoreing up it might be the salve for what ails you. I think it might be attritionally curing my ADHD but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

My project-1(12)

No promises, but if I list it, I believe in it. Everyone's different, but I have plenty of material. Still in the process of making my way to this one but can you blame me? Has to be one of the most engaging conversationalist I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.

dreams from my father

I kind of like to read books, when I read books that tell me where the creator came from. This is a fairly short audible book... Narrated by the man himself which gives you a perspective on who he was before he briefly became one of the most powerful black men in the world... mistakes, squeeze plays and all.

becoming Michelle Obama

You can't read about Barack without including Michelle and even though I'm making time to read/listen to these her audible recording is considerably longer than the tome that her husband penned. Fierce title to live up to but I have confidence that the first of ladies is quite capable.