14 November 2022

When I first saw the logitech master I fell in love with the curves of that beautiful photo editor's beast which has many, pretty much only for production siblings in it's line. This is not about production mice, or removable weights, or cavities for bluetooth hidden in the chassis or two and three month battery life. These are all reasons that someone who is a photo editor or a graphic artist would also fall in love with the master.

Instead of discussing the master that way, how bouts we do a 360 degree pivot and put it out there as the anorexic, pilates obsessed, sister of the logitech master, which weighs about 147 grams while the model I weighs about 70, If i was a person with a certain COD style or a graphics designer I could very possibly see where these attributes would come in handy but I'm none of these. I'm a potato aiming, extremely average COD player at best, and I like to binge surf the web. (I gave up on TV like 7 years ago.) So at $100 to $140 dollars this makes the production aimed logitech devices a serious pondering for me.

This mouse is basically the same thing, with extremely basic features, none of the heft and an evil twist that will have you destroying it if you don't pay attention. Two buttons on this mouse are modular... two. you have the button on the front side of the chassis, and the button in the rear. I know you guys actually take apart pc's pro bono so you probably have one of those you fixit kits in your house but I did alright with my little fatty screwdriver with the multiple head attachments.

I very carefully seated the smallest flathead attachment into the forward and then the rear button and gently pried them out, and immediately reseated the front button. I might play a little old/new school diablo with it and that's it. I've never had a modular razer naga for honest but this right here will do, especially at $60 dollars American.

stay frosty,