Three Card Monte in stereo

11 October 2022

I might be totally and completely wrong but if you see something like this on the memory card of your switch, run, don't walk run, in the other direction because your about to get scammed. And just for the record, the only positive thing that gamestop has done in the switches behalf is offering no questions, brand new switch lites as long as you purchase the warranty and can hold on to the box for a year because that serves as proof you owned, at some point, your switch lite with whatever violence you've inflicted on it and facilitates the warranty. It's like thirty bucks but the key is "no question's asked." I'm wondering is this is an out of character move by Microsoft to keep the weebos sweatin' waiting for them to throw that fiscal haymaker for converting a junk commodity into a phenom of sorts. Personally I'm still digital for the near future all digital. For those "collectors" among you who don't worry about it being a cock flex to have a room full of plastic which has basically been made obselete by the increased populatrity of digital media. Digital media eliminates the need for pretty packaging for every on of game media that a company sells. It doesn't however as far as I know prevent them from issuing limited edition copies of their games that are only availabe through the post and I would imagine appreciates their value. When you buy games second hand you are only supporting the owners of the venue, not the publishers and developers of the games themselves. Let's detach ourselves from this tangent.

So I'm hoping you'll be happy to know that my switch lite is safe for the moment. The pair of micro sd cards, are however faker than two dollar billls and will corrupt your saves. Thanks be to the Lord that I havent experienced any problems with the firmware yet, but it took alot of heated arguing for me to get the associaties, probably from india, To refund me so I could get an authentic sd card sold and shipped by Walmart. See the thing is, if the product says sold and shipped by Walmart... chances are it's legit. When they are putting their brand ethics behind a product behind a product they don't play those types of games. however they do operate in the "gray market that Amazon also likes to frequent when they feel they can get away with it. Remember when we all had fake Western Digital Xbox 360 hard drives? Really all a company has is it's word no matter how hungry it is so if the majority of their nintendo switch memory cards don't work, walmart has some deep soul searching to do. See. the way the card works is that it mishandles data inside of your machine. As far as I know these cards don't damage the device so it's really not anything to worry about but the information that the card is supposed to be handling and storing away it sends back to your device and overloads it with it's bogus data retention because the actual capacity of the card is grossly, hyperbolically, overstated, and your device having consiberably less memory to spare, begins to offload the data. To make it worse, they gussy the things up so you think your getting a good deal when, must I say it again? Your getting scammed. There are some good eggs out there, I bought my 128 gb card from Best Buy, (expensive but highly recommended and if you have an authentic complaint no questions asked,) for 20 dollars, the only issue is that my game collection is outgrowing my switch, time to upgrade. To the credit of Walmart's responsible usury, after a heated conversation, I was granted an almost instant refund and purchased a sold and shipped by Walmart card. I hope that means something. Things to look out for because chances are it's the card not the machine.

You want to know what the sad part about this is, I mean walmart arguably would have been perfectly within their rights if they tried to start a dispute with me as a grown customer for not knowing better. However, the target audience for these counterfiet cards are adults who aren't particularly tech savvy, and their kids. Your thinking to yourself... Sleep, they gave you a full refund, why didn't you get the same card?.. Because it costs a hundred and twenty dollars. All I'm saying to you is these cards are all over Walmart and Amazon, really the only place you are absolutely promised an authentic card is Best Buy or a specialist tech company like NewEgg.

The way that you can usually tell that your dealing with a genuine nintendo card is the packaging and the fact that the card doesn't come with a full SD adaptor. If your purchasing the product on walmart's website it will usually say something like "sold and shipped by walmart, that's the one you want. The package will most times be colorful and come with a nintendo character on it unless this dude is operating with some true reckles abandon Afer you begin to load your games everything starts out fine and then your cloud saves started to corrupt one by one. Reinserting the authentic card and deleting the corrupt backups solves the problem, no worries. However as for the third person merchant, caveat emptor all day to a fault. However the thing that urks my nerves even though Walmart does stand by it's products to a degree is that they still felt the need to include a disclaimer.

Yours Truly, well, kind of