The beautiful coupling of comfort and style

16 November 2022

I know this seems like the most incredible of shills in the history of shills but so does the advise to start out with brown tactile switches when you become efficient enough to toucht type, or even worse to start out with mx browns period because they make typing so easy and practical that you'll learn the skill in the space of six months. That may be true but I would have to see it to believe it. The fact of the matter is that these are some seriously well crafted tactile keys, provided you pair them with glorious' new gmmk 2... out of the box. So much so that I bought myself an extra case of 36 switches for $20 dollars when they were on sale for $5 bucks off. I'm in debt for the moment, so let me handle this. So, turns out the switches are a repeating infinite homogenous decimal of 55 cents, which has me thinking that I'm being seriously joked by some mathematically inclined asians.

Their not telios, or any other seriously expensive dollar a switch switches, and they have a nice feel. Like I said, it has to be painful to be the world's villian and have anything worthwhile that you come up with be ran away from you for big margins

However, it's a short article for those of use who like honest promises, detest shiftless companies who don't innovate, and devour new, worthy tech wherever we can find. However credit has to be given to the true original innovators, and the recipients of that third apology, look up "treaty of versailles.)