An Excellent Curiosity

4 January 2023

I received this keyboard in the post a couple of days ago and am feeling sort of cheated because of having bought into the vilification of membrane keyboards, especially after Cherry MX. the previous patent owner's loss of exclusive licensing to manufacture mechanical keyboard switches. This, coupled with the release of the first modular keyboard by glorious gaming which allows you to change your switches, no soldering requiried, which I own, are experiencing an open market thrashing these days. I really don't qualify as a "creator" but I do have a blog and a youtube so if that's all that takes to be considered such, then I am.

I really like the feel of the keyboard, the manufacturer promises a battery life of 5 months. If you will tolerate nothing but a mechanical keyboard they have you covered... at a 50 dollar premium. My credit is a mess so I'm going to have to wait a while for that one but actually I'm kind of liking the feel of what I have right now. I does effectively reduce the number of typos that you commit when you are trying to create.

As you can see, it also has a sleek design, which i love and since I was able to purchase the matching mouse before my credit went south I also have a comfortable space to write blog entries that nobody will read in my tiny desk and office chair that I have in my family house. Like I said. Logi also has a line of overkill gaming accessories that for all intents and purposes are sound, but unnecessary, all bluetooth, The mice usually come with a 2.4 gh dongle to further facilitate the connection of the mouse and keyboard and that's pretty much it. Enjoy your creative process.