Whatever happened to the "lady?" lazy Sunday

1 January 2023

I have a confession to make. I have not gotten around to reading or listening to "The Bluest Eye." I don't know if it's adhd, the newest millenial copout, or its just lack of alacrity due to my lack of fitness for the material contained within. Total transparency, I endorse the material and you might be successfully encouraged to give it a read but personally I languish in the darkness.

I watch youtube, I try to participate in youtube. I have three subcribers, and seriously, I'm not wasting my money on fancy cameras and props so I can feel effectual in some way shape or form. All that I know is that it's one of her most acclaimed books, along with another tome I'm assuming from the summary about a woman so traumatized by the horrors of existing in oppression that she murdered her children so they wouldn't have to endure it. That one I believe is Beloved... don't quote me on that though

What really had an impact on me was her BBC interview, which is the first video on my web page. what enthralled me about it is that I've never heard a women speak like that. You can attend your little poetry readings and practice to the beat of limited drummers, but this woman's elocutions are straight beautiful.

As for the second interview, I think it was an ebb in self esteem as an older woman... She probably didn't feel sexy anymore, and its evident. However, Ms. Toni, Ms. Walters, may you find enlightenment and rest, peace and knowledge.

See you in the void,