Steam Deck opposing final reviews

19 July 2022

Have you reached the point in your life where things like the shortage of video gaming hardware in the market these days, coupled with the scalping, flash sales, and bots don't bother you like the past few months of disease and hunger anxiety, plus financial instability but, in fact... Have conversely trounced your desire to spend 600 dollars on a device that was really meant for the kid in you... and the kid in the next room begging you to have a go with his little nintendo winnie the pooh mits and the seriously large handheld designed for a fairly large man to play himself into a bout of carpal tunnel with. (you know he's gonna drop it, trust me, you don't want to fist fight a ten year old, hold on brother hold on.)

Then there's the expired stimulus payments and the death on a major scale to the tune of a million American citizens and climbing. I can't wait for that next cod wwII joint. I will swear this shit!!! You know, where the powers that be gave this game of life which I'm so bad at a go at cattle culling and killed ninety million people in a desperate attempt at a happy ever temporary tampon ending... probably provided by you know who. Our time can't be up. it can't be my Lord please. Way back when I believe that three percent of the population was culled, don't quote me on that though. As we stand one in three hundred thirty people in America has perished from COVID. The "herd" population, I can't believe these dudes when they use invented scientific vernacular like "herd immunity", this is the "new normal" people.

Since the forties, two billion humans has ballooned to eight and it has all of us... pussy or not, chasing sideways theta analogs. However, on a lighter note, imagine if you could carry a fair amount of your steam collection, your only premium being digital space in your handheld and emotional stability in your mind, to play with you on the go at your leisure. We know you know but the device of your fantasies now exists. Anyway the first units are shipping out, Mr. Newell always delivers and Microsoft has even restocked a pheasable amount of Xbox series X's if your parents are lucky enough not to be doing a two year campaign camping outside a punitive wall hoping to be an American at some point in their life. Like I said, being one hundred percent African American and seen some things... these are our dreamers. It's not a compliment. However for the new shipment of Xbox Series X's, provided you caught them on sale directly from Microsoft the'yre even available at MSRP... at least last time I checked. Series S's are even approaching plentiful stock at MSRP and I hear tell that kit is the king of 1080p.

However, I suggest we get down to brass tacks because I've said enough, instead of evangelizing the gospel of machines I have never examined for myself I'm going to let these very capable men examine this one curious device which, although proclaimed to be new, was a inevitable evolution of it's client's business model since computer gamers felt the tough, eventually appreciated love of the ultimatum included with Half- Life 2. Get on, or Git on. The reason why when Phil Spencer made his keynote annoucement at E3, at least I believe it was E3 about the Xbox Series X, PC Gamers, whether they be elite or constrained by budget and bills, were appreciably less enthusiastic about the addition of universal backwards compatibility to the platform. Anyways, Like I said last time I delved into such agregious playgiarism of an IP. find yourself a comfortable bean bag and dont forget the extra buttery microwave popcorn, this is going to be memorable. I have two perspectives on the device. The first is from digital foundry, an introduction to the beast, and the second is from tested, owned by Adam Savage, ex co host of mythbusters and the second exhaustive run down which might be your catalog if, in the middle of the extinction agenda, this thing has you slightly sexually aroused. Be afraid to be happy, jot that down as part of the new normal. I sincerely think chairman Gabe has a hit on his hands this time though. We'll see.

More B reel to inform your decision. Please don't sue me... Just performing a public service. Let's talk about Kain and Lynch. However, confident that both Mr. Savage and Norman Chan are at work at things way larger than suing a semi failed blogger, here is the exhaustive steam deck review for those buyer's remorse prone individuals who are not in the mood to spend a few hundred dollars on a device, wait about four to six months for it and hate it. I'm trying to have you covered.