Why 99 percent of us really wont make it. Lazy Sunday

8 January 2023


I'm sure a good deal of us, despite trying their best to make it in this society legally, will end up as cyclical statistics... me included. But when I saw this interview starring Jay Z and the following interview from Dame Dash, asserting his role as the the enabler of the former party. I figured it was enough of an idea to spark a blog post. Personally lets start with the key... College. First off, if you love your parents and have found a quality college, (you'd be surprised how many community colleges have produced highly effective, successful people, especially if they are willing to put in that magna cum laude work and look the part.) don't ass bet with your future and one of these previously referred to as hacky sack communes that are not going to give you a a second look. It's a personal shame of mine that at community college in New York, I don't know what you guys call it out here... it took me five and a half years to graduate and that as a baccaluereate I for went the mathematics in my economics degree because I knew I couldn't handle it. However pro tip... What you want to do is go in, whether private or community college, with at least some idea of what you want to do and to constantly sweat your counselor so you know what pre requistes and humanities that you need to take, and take seriously to get out as quickly and cheaply as possible. What you need to understand is that colleges are businesses and while they are using you the key is to use them back to the best of your abilities and leave enriched. Personally the reason I can't feel Jay on this is because most stars are basically what you would call "Affiliate Marketers." Jay being one of the most relatively successful in the business. You check out a business, in some cases not even personally, invest your money in it, and wait for the checks to start funneling. There are these things called return on investment and index funds, CD's, dividends, regular bonds, municipal bonds, all with their different hazards and issues that us mere mortals have to deal with, along with being an effective enough employee to be able to afford them. A good bank and a quality financial advisor with a caring, listening ear are highly recommended.Don't follow the crypto trend, at least not with a significant amount of money. They are like NFT's. Trust me, I hate physical money as much as you do and probably carry it with less frequency. The difference between digital direct deposit money and crypto is that it doesn't even really exist until it is purchased, therefore the increase in nefarious "pump and dump" digital monopoly money maneuvering through the market between the informed and the uninformed since Roosevelt. When it is purchased it takes on the characteristics of ipo legal tender except it's still untraceable.... your begging to get torched.So what do you do? Keep a job... as well as an understanding bank with generous interest rates, money market products and validated, battle hardened financial advisors with salient portfolios that they care to share with you.... Bust your ass and save up.

Your boy sleep is ghost,